• FEEDBACK: The Joy Formidable


    The sought-after Welsh rock trio, The Joy Formidable, are joining the Foo Fighters on November 13 at MSG, so we took a moment with this up and coming band to pick their brains about their Big Apple show. (Photo Credit: indyweek.com)

    Q. What does it mean to play Madison Square Garden?
    A.  We're excited, it's an incredibly iconic venue in a city that we love. We're going to have a great night with Foo Fighters & Social Distortion.

    Q. What music do you listen to while on tour?
    A.  All sorts, we enjoy a very eclectic van-playlist. So far this tour has seen a lot of The Platters, Bob Dylan and Public Enemy to name just a few.

    Q. What’s a must on your tour rider?
    A. Bread, water and gruel is just fine.

    Q. Do you prefer coffee or tea?
    A. Tea in the morning, coffee in the afternoon.

    Q. What is the song “Whirring” about?

    A.  Being ignored, being depressed and being an insomniac. All carefully disguised.

    Q. Twitter, Facebook or Spotify?
    A.  Everything in moderation.

    Q. What’s your favorite song to perform?
    A.  This changes nightly; every show is different.

    Q.  Besides NYC, what’s been your favorite city to have played & stayed in?
    A.  There's been so many, we've had a very memorable year, we've seen some beautiful places. I have fond memories of L.A. [Los Angeles], it's where we finished our record, so we actually spent a significant amount of time there, enjoying the creative process and being together.

    Q. Are you ready to have fun on tour with the Foo Fighters?
    A.  We know we're in for a good time! They are a great band and they're lovely people. We're honored to be joining them.

    Q.  Did Rhydian design the album covers for The Big Roar and The Big More?
    A.   He did indeed. The visuals and the music are very much entwined; they're extensions of each other.


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