• FEEDBACK: Daryl Hall


    Daryl Hall took his popular podcast, Live From Daryl's House, on the road and will stopped at The Beacon Theatre on Saturday, April 21. Below are some questions we recently asked Daryl to learn more about the musician.

    1. Is there an artist you’ve always wanted to jam with on “LFDH”?

    I have no dream artist for this show. I learn something from every single experience.

    2. What do you enjoy more – playing music or restoring houses?

    Restoring music.

    3. Do you prefer the 1770’s or the 1970’s?

    1770s for the ideas, 1970s for the sex.

    4. What music do you listen to while on tour?

    I listen to the next artist on the show, all of his or her albums.

    5. What’s a must on your tour rider?

    Bordeaux wine.

    6. Twitter or Facebook?

    Not twitter!

    7. What do you love about NYC?

    The pastoral feeling of the villagers.

    8. What is your favorite childhood snack?

    PA pretzels (the fat kind).

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