• FEEDBACK: Joe Satriani of Chickenfoot


    With the past Chickenfoot concert at The Beacon Theatre on May 21, we took a few moments with the world renowned lead guitarist, Joe Satriani, to get the inside scoop on the band.

    Where did the name Chickenfoot derive from?

    Sammy (Hagar) came up with the name when he was a teenager. I think it was right before a show when his band needed a name and it just popped into his head. Such a cool name!

    What’s your favorite song to perform live?

     It's either "Bigfoot" or "Sexy Little Thing" or "Something Going Wrong". The set we're playing on this tour is great, all the songs are fun and exciting to play.

    What would we find on your tour bus?

    We don't have one! Chickenfoot flies to all its shows, and there's not much room for anything on the plane. 

    What’s your favorite thing about NYC?

    It always feels like home. It's where my parents were born and raised. It's the greatest big city in the world. You can find anything you want in NYC, and anything is possible!

    Do you use either/or Twitter or Facebook?

    I use all social media, it's the best way to stay connected to my fans around the world. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, or go to satriani.com for your one-stop-website for all things "Joe"!

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